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ARGAMAN, provides a Business Development Service that helps businesses like yours achieve unique goals. We will partner with your business to deliver speedy tailor-made practical solutions, with our personal approach, including a thorough analysis process of the business and learning your needs.

Together with our clients, we form the warranted transaction approach and timing while raising different relevant considerations related to the business, preparedness for a transaction, a specific strategic client, or the new market you are aiming towards.

Our focus is on hi-tech, startups, renewable energy and industry. Nevertheless, we’re working with various different sectors providing them our services.

We are confident that we hold the best business solutions for you.




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As an expert in Business Development, Marketing & Sales Strategy, and Competitive Markets, with international experience of over 25 years, in various sectors such as hi-tech, retail, real estate & industry, Nimrod has operated in multi C-LEVEL positions, in addition to being an independent business owner.
We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with you, in order for you to succeed in your business ventures.

With worldwide connections, Nimrod will enable you to enter new markets, reach your desired strategic customers all over the world and help set your company in place. Whether you are about to proceed with M&A, fund raising or looking to invest, after characterizing your needs we will find the best solution for you.

With outstanding negotiation skills, investor relations, deep knowledge of GTM, years of personal coaching and with a proven record of success, we can drill down your business and manage to transfer your organization from passive to active with focus on your business agendas.

Together with the conceptual change in the digital age, combined with classic methods and approaches, in these rapidly changing times we will make the smart maneuvers to lead your business to achieve the desired goals.

By implementing unique methods of strategy, business development techniques and negotiation skills that Nimrod has developed over the years, we will deliver together with you a significant growth in strategic clients, fund raising, better visibility on the relevant markets and a motivated working environment.


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